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hey all, I’m new to emacs and started to come up with my own config, I got cider installed but when i try to jack in I get “the clojure executable isn’t on your exec-path” — i’m on macOS, i’ve brew installed clojure/tools/clojure and i’m running with a minimal deps.end => {} and I don’t have lein installed .. any guesses?


ahh was a path problem.. works if i launch emacs from the command line


but not if i just run


any guidance on how most people launch emacs on macOS? thanks so much!


There’s a package for this that can help. It’s called exec path from shell


wonderful, thank you!


Hi guys, I started seeing Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: when trying to cider-find-var, cider 0.22


same for cider-doc


I have no idea why it should go there if I'm working with my own vars, not from clojure core


but same behavior for clojure core vars


@fmnoise Update to the latest CIDER and this will fix the issue for you.


thanks, will try that


Maybe this is already a known issue, but under java 15 (OpenJDK Runtime Environment AdoptOpenJDK (build 15.0.1+9) connecting with cider-nrepl in Emacs gives an NPE (java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "jdk.javadoc.internal.doclets.formats.html.HtmlConfiguration.getOptions()" because "this.configuration" is null, full trace here ). It's not a huge issue, all other things being equal it works fine under Java 14 😛


Yeah, it's a known problem that I haven't had time to tackle. Orchard relies on some JDK internals to parse properly JavaDoc and they keep changing the internals in every other JDK release. 😞


On some days I'm wondering if I should just drop everything Java-related as it's such a pain in the ass.


Ah thanks @bozhidar! migrating off of the java stuff seems like a plan, but also a pain in the ass to refactor I guess 😉


maybe a flag to disable the javadoc related stuff? It's not like I need it for most of my regular development, although I guess that solution is probably also a bit brittle


We've sorted this out and it should work with the current CIDER master.


well, upgrade from 0.22 to 1.0 went smooth except single thing I had to fix everything else worked fine and I highly recommend to upgrade thanks @bozhidar and everyone who participated for your work and Happy New Year everyone! 🎄