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Derek Passen15:12:51

I work on a combined CLJ/CLJS project. When I connect a sibling REPL, the initial connection is lost. Is this a known CIDER/Sesman issue or is it likely to be some project configuration somewhere?


how are you determining the original connection is lost?

Derek Passen15:12:59

The modeline of my CLJS files show ‘not connected’

Derek Passen15:12:05

and I lose the ability to eval

Derek Passen15:12:40

I believe the same issue occurs if I start in CLJ code and then open a CLJS sibling. The CLJ connection is lost similarly


yeah i think you're seeing a bug that we're discussing right now. CIDER is only aware of the repl your point was most recently in. If you open the first repl buffer, put your cursor in it, and then back to the source buffer is it aware its connected?

Derek Passen15:12:06

I will try that in a minute

Derek Passen16:12:16

Yes! Thank you

Derek Passen16:12:32

That was a tremendous help


you're welcome. we're discussing that issue as we speak. its an annoying limitation but just put your cursor in which ever repl you need and it should work

Derek Passen16:12:54

The limitation is nothing compared to having both REPLs working at a moment’s notice


Hey! I would like to have an interactive link to a file on my local filesystem in my cider-doc buffer. Does anyone know if this is possible and how i can do that?


Trying to set stuff like [[file:/home/john/git/project/]] in my docstring, but cider-doc buffer cant create a link from that