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What's the official way to completely quit a cider program run with cider-jack-in-clj&cljs?


I've use the process list and just quitted, but recently used sesman to quit


@theeternalpulse not official answer, but I will usually use sesman-quit for the current project, or if I am lazy I’ll just select the REPL buffers with Helm transient state and kill them. Seaman browser will list all REPLs across all projects.


C-c C-q from a linked source buffer will close the repl. that's what i always do


which is cider-quit


cider-quit doesn't seem to quit the actual session, because when I re-do the jack-in it says a session already exists


I sometimes get a prompt about a dead REPL connection too. I think its sesman that asks me if I want to use a dead repl... I cant say I like the though of that, especially as I dont know what a dead repl is 🙂 I cant find anything in the otherwise excellent docs.


did you do it for both clj and cljs?