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David Reno02:12:09

Can someone tell me if this is reproducible for them? The first pic is after M-x cider-load-buffer. Then I go into the comment after line 6 and M-x cider-eval-last-sexp. Note that in addition to line 6 having the green fringe, line 7 gets it too. Using the latest cider: CIDER 1.0.0snapshot (package: 20201125.1146

David Reno02:12:51

I don’t think it’s related, but I’m using M-x cider-connect-cljto connect to a headless lein nrepl.


My guess is that's a bug you'll probably be able to reproduce any time you have the same form duplicated (e.g. try pulling the 3 + forms out of the comment).


Probably it's worth reporting this on the issue tracker.

David Reno14:12:47

ok, I’ll file it. It only happens in a comment block.


Is there configuration to disable evaluation result displaying in the minibuffer?


(setq cider-use-overlays t)


its default is 'both

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Thanks. That fixed inline eval C-c C-e and C-c C-c but not whole buffer eval C-c C-k. It's ok to show buffer eval result in minibuffer but I'd like to see just one line or truncated result. Also, this is slow for larger results. (setq eldoc-echo-area-use-multiline-p nil) didn't help.