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I was exploring the cider debugger, and I have never used the "inspect" feature of the debugger (because the binding "p" is mis-interpreted by spacemacs as the paste command). What am I missing? What are other ways I could invoke it?

Gleb Posobin06:11:58

For spacemacs, you can press Ctrl-z to go into Emacs mode and then use those bindings, press Ctrl-z again to go back.


@p.kushwaha97 examples of using Cider Inspect My favourite feature is just leaving the cider-inspect window open, then all evaluations go there, even when using the usual evaluation commands If using Spacemacs develop, then I just added more key bindings for the rest of the cider-inspect functions


This is amazing. I just updated and used inspector for the first time, thanks for making it happen and writing that nice guide!

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I have a new video coming out in the next day or two that uses the cider-inspect tool a lot too... but I think that page covers most of it statically.