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Does anyone recognise or understand this error message? We have been using Cider to connect to a remote Clojure REPL using cider-connect via VSCode Live Share. I can connect to the local REPL port forwarded by VSCode, but when typing certain elements, like a vector as an argument to `(map inc ,,,) then it throws the error. There is a button to suppress the error, which seemed to work for a few minutes, then some different things were triggering the error. I'm using CIDER 1.0.0snapshot (package: 20201118.750) and the REPL is starting nREPL (I am checking if its also including cider-nrepl). Calva is connecting just fine to the REPL, so just wondering if if there is anything obvious to check or try. Thank you.


Looking at the error it's some missing parameter in the nREPL request. Unexpected middleware errors are exactly what you'd expect them to be - an internal error in cider-nrepl that shouldn't have happened in the first place.


For that particular error it seems to me you've connected to some older instance of cider-nrepl, as in the past the request param for eldoc was named symbol and now it's named sym (to avoid shadowing the symbol function in the middleware code. Newer versions of the middleware support both param names for backwards compatibility, but the latest CIDER uses sym everywhere, so it can't work with older middleware.


I hope that makes it clear.


Yes, that is very helpful indeed. I’ll check with the group as to what what versions of Cider middleware are being included when VSCode does it’s Jack-in. Apart from this error, Cider is working really well with the VSCode live share port forwarding of the REPL, so if you are remotely collaborating on code with VSCode and Calva you can use Emacs too (although code changes only show when the file is saved by Emacs of course)


can you click on the "All" button at the top? wondering if there's more stack trace to be had


also, if you can toggle on the nrepl logging maybe we can see the message going across the wire that triggered the error


Thanks for the suggestions,. I will get more info about this error next time the server is running, either tomorrow or next weekend.