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Thanks for the info, I’ll add a issue to cider and, when i get a bit of time, I’ll try to PR.


Hi! I'm dabbling a bit in Clojurescript again, and I must say that my experience with CIDER and Clojurescript is way better now than it was two years ago! I'm really liking how easy it is to jack-in and get live-reloading and a browser-connected REPL 💯


Quick question. Is there a good way to provide arguments for cider-jack-in-cljs in a project? I'm selecting shadow-cljs, shadow, :app and "No, I do not want to open a browser" each time I'm starting my project. Could I provide this with .dir-locals.el ? Or is there another preferred way?


You can do it with .dir-locals.el, yes! Here's the one I am using in my project:

((nil . ((cider-clojure-cli-global-options . "-A:dev")
         (cider-default-cljs-repl . shadow-select)
         (cider-shadow-default-options . ":main")))
 (cider-mode (eval add-hook 'after-save-hook 'cider-eval-buffer nil t)))

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Great, thanks!


May I ask what the last line does? Are you auto-evaluating whole buffers on file changes?


Yes, but that line is actually broken, but I haven't looked into fixing it yet


OK. Thanks for the help :thumbsup:

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