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Is it possible to send forms to multiple nREPLs at the same time from CIDER?


No, it's not. Each REPL is backed by a single connection. It shouldn't very hard to hack around this - e.g. start two connections in the same project and change the evaluation dispatch code to send the forms to all connections of the same type in the same project. But it's probably going to be a big ugly. 🙂


sesman-link-with-buffer works quite well


I wonder if sesman could maybe solve this problem: link with multiple sessions ;)


Hmm, the readme explicitly states buffers are only attached to 1 sessions. Ah well


I’d love this.


The use case is I have an app spun up twice but I'd like to keep the backend code in sync

Jim Newton13:09:41

No comment syntax is defined. Use: Does anyone get this error occasionally in emacs when using cider?

Jim Newton14:09:49

sorry, I don't see the connection. Are you sure you referenced the correct issue?


They both involve a macroexpand error. That's all

Jim Newton15:09:11

ahhh. I see.

Jim Newton13:09:35

I suspect it is somehow related to the fact that I pressed 'm' in the cider-macroexpansion buffer, and my macro intentionally threw an exception.