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Has anyone been using REBL with cider? I'm having some trouble getting the UI up and am wondering if there are any examples out in the wild for me to study


@mitchell_clojure Yes, I have CIDER running with REBL when using Clojure CLI tools (deps.edn) projects. Will dig out the details... This will change slightly when the next version of Clojure CLI tools is release (in a few weeks or so), but its just substituting -R and -A flags with the new -M flag.


Yes thats it 🙂


You beat me to it 🙂 thank you for the great resource! Should have known to check there first


I am doing a little refactor for the next release of Clojure CLI tools, so it will look more like But you need to use version or greater of the Clojure CLI tools for it to work.


There is also Reveal, which has a nice clean UI and you can connect to that with cider-connect if you run the version that has an nREPL server


I still use the cider-inspector the most, its really convienient and does most of what I need (exept turn data into graphs... but I can to that with Oz).


IMO, a great config option with spacemacs and the inspector is

(with-eval-after-load "cider-inspector"
    (define-key cider-inspector-mode-map
      (kbd "f") 'ace-link-cider-inspector))


brings up ace links on all the values, so you don't need to tab over to them