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it's a little bit confusing right now to understand which version of cider goes with which version of cider-nrepl. recently upgraded spacemacs+cider and had some issues with bumping cider-nrepl, and had to do a few attempts before I got it right. Perhaps there should be a table, or a release note for cider-nrepl detailing which version of cider to use in conjunction?


My approach has been to update to the latest nrepl library whenever I update the cider packages in Spacemacs (although I don't use cider-connect that much, so doesn't affect me if I forget)


@U051BLM8F haha exactly! thanks ❤️


older CIDERs used a cider-nrepl version equal to CIDERs version. now you can check the value of

(defconst cider-required-middleware-version "0.25.3"
  "The CIDER nREPL version that's known to work properly with CIDER.")


After upgrading from cider 0.25.1 to 0.26.0, when I try to M-x cider-connect I’m now getting This is not a REPL or SERVER buffer; is there an active REPL?


weird. After restarting Emacs, it worked when I entered the port manually, just hitting Enter to get the default port did not