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i'm new to cider. i am trying to use cider with biff example project. i tried: git clone biff1


cd biff1/example ./task setup ./task dev open localhost:9630 builds -> app emacs biff1/example/src/example/client/app.cljs M-x cider-jack-in-cljs and i get the error message: > error in process sentinel: Could not start nREPL server: shadow-cljs - config: /home/ozzloy/src/clojure-explorations/biff-stuff/biff1/example/shadow-cljs.edn > shadow-cljs - connected to server > server already running


how do i get to (js/alert "hi")?


i've also tried killing ./task dev and then doing cider-jack-in-cljs


which command should be used? shadow-cljs. ClojureScript REPL type shadow, shadow-cljs build app. Visit localhost:9630 in a browser? y. then i get this output:

Juan A. Sanchez12:08:19

Anyone has any good example/blog post on using cider with docker?


No, but the key bit is just making sure that relevant ports are available from outside the container.


Once you’ve got that taken care of everything just seems to work, at least in my experience.

Juan A. Sanchez16:08:06

@U050CT4HR So if I do a cider-connect and give it a port it will inject the libraries it needs?


Oh, I’m not sure. The last time I tried it was back before auto-injection.

Sam Heaton14:08:47

Quick question if anyone knows: Is it expected behaviour for a clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException ("No reader function for tag dbg") to be thrown when trying to compile (C-c C-k) a buffer with a #dbg annotation on a function for debugging?


Hi guys, does anyone configure their .clojure/deps.edn for use with CIDER? Was trying to figure REBL out and that led me to which I don't think is exactly very relevant ... I can't tell.


cider uses its own main to start up the nrepl server with the correct middleware. REBL uses a main to set itself up. there is a middleware to use both at the same time but i've never done it. you shouldn't need to configure deps.edn to work with CIDER. if starting up a deps.edn backed project CIDER knows how to inject its dependencies and start up correctly


I see I see. Do many people integrate REBL into their workflow actually? Have been trying to understand it


You can use my nrebl middleware to do this: I’ve been meaning to contribute it to cider for a while, but never quite got around it


i have no idea about how many people use it. i know of one vocal advocate of sean corfield. it seems like its built for socket repls mostly. You could also perhaps start up an nrepl server manually in a dev namespace and let REBL start the way it likes but i'm not sure if this will limit its functionality


I see I see! 😮


Give cider inspector a try and you might not need REBL at all


@zackteo I have a ~/.clojue/deps.edn configuration that includes several data browsers, REBL, Portal and Reveal. I mainly use the cider-inspector though, its excellent for navigating through data structures, especially nested data structures and paging through larger data sets (really useful for data science). Its also much simpler to use.