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Any recommendations for books / tutorials / blogs to learn elisp enough to help me hack on CIDER ?


These are the resources, I used. But I am far from being an expert. What I think is far more difficult than learning the elisp language is getting a grasp of the ecosystem that is in use nowadays.


But for hacking on an existing package that should be fine.


Thanks, its useful to know which things you used. I'll be adding what I find useful to the Practicalli Spacemacs book and to if I find any extra tips on Hacking CIDER.


I can't comment on reading docs or articles too much... But I have found C-h f , C-h v , M-. and C-u C-M-x have helped me learn a ton about whatever I'm trying to hack on. (Define function, define variable, xref-find-definitions, and eval-defun+edebug-it)


Xah Lee also has an intro to elisp series