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Clark Collins18:07:24

Does anyone know of a good source or project template setting up Cider, Shadow-CLJS, Reagent? I can start a server and connect Cider to it, but I’m having some difficulty sending forms to the repl.


can you describe what you're doing? if connecting to an existing shadow server use shadow-select. if starting shadow's server in emacs just use shadow

Clark Collins20:07:56

I can start the server and connect to it, can do things in the repl which are sent to the browser console (js/console.log “foobar”). But I’d like to to do cider-eval-last-sexp-to-replwhich does nothing for me currently.

Clark Collins21:07:59

Basically I can’t C-x C-e anything from a source buffer to the repl

Clark Collins21:07:05

For whatever reason it’s now working. Tried to replicate, broken again…


hey folks, cross-posting here at thheller’s suggestion:


use shadow-select instead of shadow if you have the server running already


and cider-connect-cljs not jack in. jack-in will own the process but you've already got one started


yeah that’s what I am doing, sounds like the docs are wrong then


thanks :thumbsup: