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What could cause cider-refresh to fail the second time with only whitespace modifications?


It says syntax error compiling the ns form of another namespace because of: No namespace: foo but the other namespace exists and it loaded fine fresh with a new repl.

Ian Fernandez21:07:02

folks anyone have a tip to ~unalign the cider-alignment that I made in some code?

Drew Verlee21:07:11

are you asking how to undo the current alignment or to not have it align code in general?


Alignment doesn't come from CIDER, it's a feature of clojure-mode.

Ian Fernandez19:07:54

I want to undo alignment in some code because some of teammates hates alignments on maps =(

Drew Verlee22:07:53

> hates alignments on maps =( I'm guessing he/she doesn't like that your git commits are updating more code then you changed. Which is a valid issue. i long for the day its not an issue, but there it is.