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Is there a way to ignore ~/.lein/profiles.clj values when cider-inject-dependencies-at-jack-in is t and use them only when it's nil?


Lein is in control of reading that file, not cider.


Cider gets no say over it

Gleb Posobin05:07:35

I am getting this exception when starting the repl with cider-jack-in from cider, repl can't do anything afterwards, when I try to eval any line it gives this error again. What could be the reason?


@posobin Lately a few people have been reporting this problem with Java 8. Switching to a new Java should fix it, although I don’t know what caused the breakage in the first place, as nothing has changed in CIDER and it seems something it needs is now missing.


I wonder if some versions of java 8 (eg different builds) lack the doc generator

Aaron Cummings16:07:11

I have a network situation where dns lookups outside the company network hang. Is there a way to configure the export-edn-url used in the nrepl wrap-clojuredocs to point elsewhere, perhaps with a .emacs setting?

Aaron Cummings02:07:51

I have worked around this issue by touching an empty file with a future mtime at ~/.cache/orchard/export.edn. Now the clojuredocs middleware won't attempt another download until I'm long retired.

Aaron Cummings03:07:33

My question now ... Is there an existing mechanism to configure the cider nrepl middleware (either options, or turning individual middlewares off) from emacs?