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when I open a sibling repl, is there a way to tell CIDER that in-buffer eval should go to that REPL?


I think CIDER currently picks the most recently used REPL if you’ve got siblings. Don’t recall if there was a way to force this, other can evaluating something in the one you want to use.

David Pham18:06:18

Is it possible to make shadow-CLJS 2.10.X without the error message from Cider?


I’ve just pushed a snapshot update that doesn’t load the problematic suitable completion. Don’t have the time to actually test it, but I guess it should work.

Drew Verlee18:06:31

when i run cider-eval-all-files and point it at a dir i would expect any updated expressions in those files to get picked up. Thats the intended effect right? i dont think its what im seeing

Drew Verlee20:06:15

or i guess the better question is, how do i get a complete re-eval of all the namespaces?


CIDER may have something. I don't know it. I just came to say, look up tools.namespace project. It's the "official" way of reloading stuff.


cider-refresh is a wrapper around that library.

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That's very convenient. I did not know. Thank you.