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I’d probably do a dev.clj file that required core and called main. Don’t see the benefit of starting up your own server and connecting to it to save one requiring resolve in a user.clj


Hello - when I activate the namespace of a particular buffer I am in with C-c M-n M-n, is there a fast way to flip back to the previous namespace? Or is the standard mode of doing that simply M-x cider-repl-set-ns ? I find myself wanting to test a couple things inside of a namespace in the repl, then jump back to my core namespace so I can use the doc function, for instance.

Drew Verlee15:06:46

if i try to debug a function, and step "in" to a function from the same ns, emacs goes into "insert" mode. This is probably because of how spacemacs is setup. What would be a good way to handle this? could bind "in" to something else? Or is there an easy way to have the debug mode be the final say in this case?


@radicalmatt you can evaluate things inline without setting the repl ns. it should evaluate things in the correct ns. an easy thing to do is to use comment forms (the infamous "rich comment block") and this way you don't have to set your repl ns but it just works


@radicalmatt note my repl buffer's namespace is user but i can still evaluate things in my comment buffer in the stuff.whatever namespace using aliases only defined there


@drewverlee i think asking in #spacemacs might be better. that sounds like just keymap clashes and might be something that the clojure layer would want to take as a patch


@dpsutton that's a good tip, thank you