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Michaël Salihi08:05:32

@jr0cket > If you have more than one project configuration file (project.clj, deps.edn, build.boot) then cider-jack-in commands should display a prompt allowing you to choose which configuration to use. Yes it's what I already do, when I jack-in I choose clojure-cli and it works perfectly. However as I say above, when I use the command cljr-add-project-dependency`` , clj-refactor see the project.clj file and try to add the dependency in there. I anayse the code and I think it's because the order of filenames in this list: In the clj-refactor code I don't see any variable to force the project file which I can overwrite in .dirs-locals.el for eg. I will try to implement that and do an PR. BTW, thank for the useful information that we can find on your website too, it help me a lot, particully for the -A:fig a while ago when I first tested figwheel-main. 😉

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hello 👋 when I cause stack traces by eval-ing in the repl, I get a *cider-error* buffer which is great. but when a stacktrace appears in the repl otherwise (i.e. not from me eval-ing in emacs) the *cider-error* buffer seems unaware of it, and I can't find a way to get it to inspect it. am I missing something, or is this not possible in cider? thanks

Drew Verlee16:05:29

Does cider help see what methods are available on a java class? Or should i be looking elsewhere?


I guess we can also add some command to just show all the


there's javadoc


and if you're on a version greater than 11 check the comments on to load up the recent changes to make it work

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Hello just a small question regarding shadow-cljs and cider


Is there a way to  automatically start my app and directly tell `cider-connect-sibling-cljs` to use my unique `:app` alias  ? I have my `dir-locals.el` on this project with the basic settings:

((nil . ((cider-default-cljs-repl . shadow)
         (cider-shadow-cljs-default-options . "app"))))


but when i launch cider-jack-in-clj&cljs emacs ask me always for app .


i don't think jack-in-clj&cljs works well with shadow


i believe when it does it together it uses the same startup program but that's not helpful here since presumably you want lein/clj on the backend and shadow on the frontend


i'm surprised that works to be honest


ah. i never had problem to launch shadow-cljs through jack-in-clj&cljs


which launcher are you using? cider-jack-in-cljs ?

Eric Ihli20:05:36 Haven't tested this, but would something like this work?

;; modify the list of known REPLs and set some default
  (cider-custom-cljs-repl-init-form . "(do (require '[shadow.cljs.devtools.api :as shadow]) (shadow/watch :app) (shadow/nrepl-select :app))"
  (cider-default-cljs-repl . custom)))


Thank you i will try it.


Seems i get it worked with another config

((nil . ((cider-preferred-build-tool . shadow-cljs)
	 (cider-default-cljs-repl . shadow)
	 (cider-shadow-default-options . ":app")
	 (cider-shadow-cljs-global-options . "-A:shadow-cljs"))))

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Drew Verlee23:05:40

I just noticed cider inspect last value now upstates everytime i re eval. This is awesome!

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Yes, this is fantastic. I will need to update that in my Spacemacs book now. Thanks for the heads up