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Eric Ihli16:05:36

I've got a problem where cider-connect-cljs from a .cljs file is creating a repl buffer with type clj and I'm not able to evaluate anything from the clojurescript buffer. There's no error. Just, nothing happens.

Eric Ihli17:05:59

It's happening here. I found this with a debug-on-entry on cider-set-repl-type

(defun cider-repl--state-handler (response)
  "Handle server state contained in RESPONSE."
  (with-demoted-errors "Error in `cider-repl--state-handler': %s"
    (when (member "state" (nrepl-dict-get response "status"))
      (nrepl-dbind-response response (repl-type changed-namespaces)
        (when (and repl-type cider-repl-auto-detect-type)
          (cider-set-repl-type repl-type))
        (unless (nrepl-dict-empty-p changed-namespaces)
          (setq cider-repl-ns-cache (nrepl-dict-merge cider-repl-ns-cache changed-namespaces))
          (dolist (b (buffer-list))
            (with-current-buffer b
              ;; Metadata changed, so signatures may have changed too.
              (setq cider-eldoc-last-symbol nil)
              (when (or cider-mode (derived-mode-p 'cider-repl-mode))
                (when-let* ((ns-dict (or (nrepl-dict-get changed-namespaces (cider-current-ns))
                                         (let ((ns-dict (cider-resolve--get-in (cider-current-ns))))
                                           (when (seq-find (lambda (ns) (nrepl-dict-get changed-namespaces ns))
                                                           (nrepl-dict-get ns-dict "aliases"))
                  (cider-refresh-dynamic-font-lock ns-dict))))))))))

Eric Ihli16:05:24

From what I can gather, cider-connect-cljs gives the newly created REPL buffer a temporary type, pending-cljs, does some work, then adjusts the buffer's name/type based on something it figures out from the repl command? For some reason, even though I'm starting with the cider-connect-cljs command and giving it a shadow type, it's still resulting in a clj buffer.

Debugger entered--entering a function:
* cider-set-repl-type("clj")
* cider-repl--state-handler((dict ... ;;**** This response has :repl-type clj
* nrepl-client-filter(#<process nrepl-connection> "ender for Clojure.\"2:fn4:truee3:spyd8:arglists64:(...")
  accept-process-output(nil 0.01)
  nrepl-send-sync-request(("op" "eval" "code" "(require 'cljs.core)") #

Eric Ihli17:05:39

So cider is setting my repl type to clj because my repl is including :repl-type clj in its response when nrepl-send-sync-request is called?

Eric Ihli17:05:23

The repl was started with npx shadow-cljs server...

Eric Ihli17:05:01

I manually change the repl type to cljs with (cider-set-repl-type 'cljs) and then evaluate a form in a cljs buffer and the debug-on-entry on cider-set-repl-type gets hit again and it changes the repl buffer back to clj because the nrepl response includes :repl-type clj.


The REPL type is set automatically after each request, so there’s little point in trying to force it manually. Most likely something’s not properly setup with the project. For starters - make sure you’re using the most recent shadow-cljs and CIDER.

Eric Ihli21:05:23

Any idea on a next step after that? I'm using shadow-cljs 2.8.107 and cider 0.25.0-alpha1, which are the latest from what I can tell.


You can take a look at the nREPL message exchange and see if there’s something weird there.

Michaël Salihi21:05:24

Hi! Is there a way to force clj-refactor to use for eg. deps.edn over project.clj if both exist at project root ? Maybe in dirs-local.el ? When I use for eg. cljr-add-project-dependency , I get cljr--insert-into-leiningen-dependencies: Search failed: ":dependencies" error because as I understand project.clj takes priority over deps.edn.


@admin055 If you have more than one project configuration file (project.clj, deps.edn, build.boot) then cider-jack-in commands should display a prompt allowing you to choose which configuration to use. To specify the default project configuration for CIDER, create a dir-locals.el file in the root of your project directory containing the following

((clojure-mode . ((cider-preferred-build-tool . "clojure-cli"))))
I have not tested this with clj-refactor as I stopped using that library a long while ago. If it doesnt work wth clj-refactor, then consider raising an issue or better yet a PR.


If using Clojure CLI tools you can also set default aliases too, for example

((clojure-mode . ((cider-clojure-cli-global-options . "-A:fig"))))


And if you have multiple clojure projects under one git repository, you can tell projectile to treat them all as Clojure projects using

((nil . ((projectile-project-type . clojure-cli))))