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I’m finally trying out emacs/cider (longtime vimmer) and I’m hoping this is a quick question. I think I’ve got everything working, but the temporary overlay is showing with almost no contrast (see last line)


can someone point me in the direction of either turning off all colours (really I find I can code just fine with only rainbow parens), or how to customize this?


oh, wait … think I found it. I think I set cider-result-overlay-face


@rgm Yeah, that’s the one.


@bozhidar On some of my projects the dynamic syntax highlighting doesn't seem to properly work. Do you have any idea what might be interfering there?


It's also rather arbitrary, sometimes I don't have the highlighting from the beginning, sometimes I am loosing the highlighint while I am working.


But I could so far not pinpoint the issue. I am just wondering if you have any idea what could be the issue?


cider-refresh-dynamic-font-lock also doesn't help


I think there’s a limit on how lon highlighted string can be although it’s rather large

Jim Newton12:04:43

I'm using cider packages downloaded with elpa. in particular ~/.emacs.d/elpa/clj-refactor-20200229.1105/clj-refactor.el When bugs get fixed in that package, what is the correct flow for me to get the bug fix? Am I supposed to regularly run some sort of elpa update?


Yes you run the following commands:


M-x list-packages, U - to mark upgradeable, M-x package-menu-execute

Jim Newton12:04:57

sorry, not an expert elpa user here.