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Jim Newton13:04:44

Hi cider users. What's the correct way to expand a macro in Cider? In slime it is C-c RET


M-x cider-macroexpand (-1/all), I think it's also bound to C-c RET

Jim Newton14:04:19

doesn't work for me. it does something bizarre. for example if I sit my cursor on the opening paren of an

(assert (< 1 (count operands))
   (format "traverse-pattern should have already eliminated this case: re=%s count=%s operands=%s" re (count operands) operands))
and press C-c RET, I see the following:
[operands functions]


The cursor has to be placed directly after the sexp (yeah, it's not very ergonomic)

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Jim Newton14:04:02

ahh in slime it has to be on the opening paren


I guess that might be on me - I almost always navigate to the end of the forms, that’s why this behaviour seems natural to me. 😄


Probably we can make the command a bit smarter when it comes to the cursor placement.


Hey, hey, just updated clj-refactor and got the error about unbalanced parantheses clj-refactor-20200404.907/clj-refactor.el


@tsulej Yeah, I made a silly mistake. A patch was just merged to master.

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(copy-pasting doesn’t work well with Lisps 😄 )