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I've already asked in #spacemacs but didn't get any response so trying here What's the best way to customize indentation for things like try+ (slingshot) macro? I'd like to behave it exactly as try


@UCPS050BV yes but If I understood it it's pretty invasive - basically defining intendetation as function's metadata. Also doesn't seem to be a good fit for 3rd party libraries


hmm, personally I don't see an issue with using (alter-meta ,,, assoc :style/indent 0) on 3rd-party vars, since it's a namespaced key and all


you could also do define-clojure-indent in elisp but that's purely text based and won't know about namespace refers or aliases


It feels very strange to have to use this, especially when working on a team's project where people are using other editors. I'm wondering if there's a better way to do it...


use cider-repl-init-code in .dir-locals.el to inject the metadata on jack-in? 😆


I'm sure I've done something wrong with configuration, but I'm having some issues where I'll get a stack trace in cider, with basically 0 frames, and no information on how to debug further. Any tips on how I might unwind this?


Like I'm generating basically a ClassCastException, but it doesn't give me any lines or tell me where it is occurring.


This might be a JVM optimisation. Try -XX:-*OmitStackTraceInFastThrow*


I'm wondering if somehow my logging configuration is wrong or ...

Ryan Watkins20:03:35

Hey all, I'm trying to lookup .toUpperCase as a C-c C-d d command but somehow Emacs (it seems) can't find my java sources?