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@bfay Yeah, it looks like a bug in compliment. Might be something to do with the deps in your projects. It’d be best to file a ticket, so @alexyakushev can investigate the problem.


Thanks, I'm unfortunately having trouble reproducing it consistently, I'm in a project that has a ton of stuff on the classpath from amazonica and sun and apache commons, there's literally tens of thousands of classes. It's amazing to me that it ever works at all When I have the issue I can't really debug it, because my repl is in an unresponsive state. I can open an issue, but I feel like I couldn't really be specific enough about the problem for others to reproduce it, without just sharing the whole project (which unfortunately is private code that I can't share)


After I added a new dependency to project.clj, is there a cider command that would allow to download & install that dependency without having to restart lein?

Joe Corneli13:02:42

Is it possible, within an interactive debug session, to save a variable to the REPL?

Joe Corneli13:02:56

I can inspect the value with "p" but this isn't in a homoiconic format


eval: (def vvv value) does the trick for me


@holtzermann17 The inspector has a command to save the current value to a var.


(it’s bound to d)


When try to connect to my cljs project via cider-connect-cljs it just says "direct connection failed" What would inform me as to why?


it's probably due to the fact i dont have cider as dependency anywhere. cider-jack-in doens't need it but i believe connect would


why did that work before? I probably changed my ./clojure/dep.edn file for an unrelated reason


Are you sure there’s an nrepl server running there?