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hello all, is there any way to include a parameter like '-d <some-stuff>' in cider running?


Use the Emacs universal argument before calling the command to start the repl and you get an editable prompt with the command to start the repl C-u in Emacs or SPC u in Spacemacs followed by the sesman-start command or any of the specific cider-jack-in or cider-connect commands If you always want to add a parameter, then use a .dir.local.el file in your project. If using deps.edn project, define an alias and use that when editing the command, or set the alias as default in the .dir.local.el file.


You mean in the startup command?


Hey, I just stumbled across this post via clojure-emacs repos. I think it would be good to link to that from the hacking cider section of the docs. Is there a reason this was split from the normal docs? I think it would be great to have one place for internal doc, but just my 2cents.


Also I have some trouble figuring out where in the debugger the actual reading happens. I mean the message has a :code field that at some point gets read and evaled. But I can't quite figure where the reading (from string to clojure data) is happening. At this point we already have the "read" code:


@finn.volkel I think @dpsutton was running I recall he wrote a few great posts early on.


I wouldn’t mind have a section like this one in the official docs. We just have to be careful to keep it in sync with the implemenation.


yeah. i made to have people post articles. things that are more how to work on CIDER. they could have tips on setting up dev environment, walkthroughs, etc. more article rather than reference/doc