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ace-link now supports cider inspector 🙂 I find it really handy for navigating directly to an inspectable object


I think I've spotted a minor bug in the CIDER step debugger. When trying to instrument for debugging a function which contains a method call imported with the (old!) import-static library (, cider-nrepl throws a StackOverflow error. This is because the way in which this library works. For example, if I say:

(import-static java.lang.Integer parseInt)
A parseInt macro is created in my current namespace, which expands like this:
(parseInt "3")  ==>  (. java.lang.Integer (parseInt "3"))
Trying to evaluate this with the debugger crashes with a SatckOverflow. I suspect cider is not correctly interpreting the dot special form, and recursively macroexpands the (parseInt) static call until it crashes. Note that this code compiles just fine, it's just when cider tries to instrument it that it fails because the macroexpand phase is not done correctly. Do you think I should I report this as an issue? Or is support for something like this not considered?


Okay time to check the options cider has to limit the pretty-print output, I've had to restart emacs twice already after the wrong eval command on a big variable


Yep, what I needed! I think I'm going to put a fairly low value, something like 10-20k maybe? I tried with 100k (original value is 1M) and it still crashes emacs.