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sometimes it would be nice to restart Emacs without having to then kill all the nrepls open


I wonder if it's possible to keep the flow as it is, but using something like tmux to start the lein process, so that killing Emacs won't kill it


I can of course start a repl manually outside of Emacs and connect, but if there was a semi automatic way it would be great


Hi! I'm having a very strange issue with cider. I'm developing a docker application, and during development, I spawn a repl using leingen inside the container, map the port to the host, and connect from my emacs using cider-connect. When launching my containers normally, this works without issue. However, when I use an alternative deployment method called docker-swarm, I get a "Sync nREPL request timed out" error right after attempting a cider-connect. On a terminal in the same machine emacs is running on, I can run LEIN_REPL_PORT=1234 lein repl :connect, and this connects to the repl inside the container just fine (assuming it's running on port 1234). This makes me thing cider may be at fault here. But I can't think of anything that may be different between a plain lein :connect and what cider does internally that would cause the second to time out. Any ideas?


A bit more context: Also tried connecting using Calva (VS Code) and it all seems to work flawlessly. It definitely looks like an issue on the cider side, so I'm submitting a bug report


There was a function for sorting ns requires, was it removed recently?


nevermind.. it’s still here. helm update borked something up, it wouldn’t come up in M-x menu