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Is this a bug? cider-browse-spec doesn't seem to be able to handle aliases for namespace qualified keywords.


Probably it is. We didn’t get very far with cider-browse-spec unfortunately.


Thanks, I'll play around a bit more and see if there are more rough edges.


We (libpython-clj) have gotten quite far in Clojure integration. Our next prong of research involves the best way to expose python classes to the repl environment and tools like company mode in emacs. We are stuck at figuring out how the best way to integrate arbitrary python objects with cider now that we have modules and such working. We can query an object to find the attributes, and there are a subset of callable attributes on an arbitrary that provide metadata like docstrings and arglist information.


Where should we go to discuss this pathway and the options available with the existing orchard?


You’ve come to the right place. 🙂


I’ll just need a bit more background about your project and what you’re trying to achieve.


libpython-clj is a library that provides a native embedding of libpython into the jvm via JNA. This allows you to do things like run tensorflow and pretty much anything in the python ecosystem via Clojure. Just recently, you can also do things like (require-python '[numpy :refer [linspace] :as np]) We are trying to get a full, native integration of python into the Clojure REPL and toolkits so that Python devs can use Clojure without giving up their tools and Clojure people can use Python without going nutz: We have gotten quite far and now would like to extend the orchard with some of our integration efforts.


I see. Looks like a cool project, but I’m not sure how we can integrate Orchard with it, as I assume this would need a lot of deps and Orchard is supposed to have none to avoid runtime conflicts.


Completely agreed that orchard should not have deps.


Maybe next best step is to study compliment a bit and see if we can work with that system.