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Thanks! I’ve left some feedback and we’ll have it merged soon. I didn’t initially understand this problem happened only when the target buffer is visible when doing the jump to it.


For me that was desirable, that’s why I never considered it a problem. 🙂


Hi. I get an error using command cljr-find-usages in a .clj file on a project with mixed in ClojureScript:

error in process filter: cljr--get-error-value: Error in nrepl-refactor: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Unparsable namespace form {:reason, :form ["@material-ui/core" :as mui]}
Is this a bug I should file somewhere? Thank you!


find-usages is flaky. Use lsp, it works better there.


@U0G75ARHC do you use both cider and lsp? do they co-exist ok?


yeah, clojure-lsp is just a jar. the downside? You’d have to wait for clojure-lsp to connect, and you’d have to wait for CIDER to jack-in. It’s annoying. Luckily, you don’t have to do it very often. I’m hoping someone could speed it up by graalifying it Unfortunately, I’m so swamped with the work, otherwise I would’ve attempted it myself


Maybe if we buy bunch of burritos and nicely ask @U04V15CAJ, he’d do it


You can also use clj-kondo to find usages, but you will have to use the analysis output. I wonder if it's possible to hook clj-kondo into cider as a middleware/plugin


as a JVM lib that is


Hi - I have been looking but I could not find a way to tell CIDER to evaluate code from a cljc file in the CLJ repl and not the CLJS repl when I use the C-c C-e command - any help would be appreciated?


If you're connected to cljs repl, it's what you get. If you have two repls simultaneously CIDER will evaluate .cljc file in clj repl by default. But it seems to me you have a single repl instance.


Then you'd have to either run two REPLS, or in your repl temporarily leave cljs, I think you need to type :`cljs`/`quit`


But if you have two repls, then you can change the mode of .cljc file buffer. Forced it to be clojure-mode or clojurescript-mode


hey thanks @U0G75ARHC - I have a cljs repl via jack-in and a clj REPL via cider-connect and maybe that is where the difference is. I will try the clojure-mode or clojurescript-mode commands thanks!


After trying to set the cljc file to use clojure-mode I find that the C-c C-e does not send to the REPL.


I'm cross-posting this here so that the question is in the most directly relevant channel as well as a broader one. Any help is much appreciated.