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that worked, in the cljs repl, cool...


hmm, I'm used to using cider-eval-defun-at-point within the buffer... is that sending it to the clj repl instead, or?


I'd like to be able to evaluate cljs in the buffer, if possible.


but I likely am not understanding what's possible, or how things work.


It’s unfortunately not too smart. It will use the last used repl


well, sounds like a workaround! how do I 'use' a repl to get the cljs one to the front?


I tried evaluating (+ 1 1) in the cljs repl and then tried to eval something in the cljs buffer but it still threw the same error.


It has to be the last focused repl. Whichever repl your cursor was last in will be the repl it uses


hmmm... still seems to throw an error... the repl is called cider-repl scratch/app:localhost:62232(cljs:figwheel) and maybe that's not the right kind of repl.


if I make a test.clj file and import into that, it works fine, even if the last repl I visited was the cljs one.


@bozhidar I’ve created an issue for the thing I mentioned on Friday about evaluation only happening in a single REPL when in a .cljc file. See I’ve hacked a proof-of-concept fix for things that go through cider-interactive-eval — see the ticket.

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I think recently cider-find-var began opening a new buffer every time I navigate (CIDER 0.23.0). Is there a variable I can set to ensure that it always navigates in the current buffer?