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@deas Never tried to AOT compile it. I think it’d be best to file a ticket, so we can discuss this further. Unfortunately the delayed handling has been a bit brittle due to some race conditions in Clojure’s require. Potentially using some form of serializing require would fix the problem there.


@bozhidar I hope you don't mind me borrowing a bit of cider-nrepl boilerplate. 😉


Not at all. 🙂

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Can anyone help with this please?


@tomd I meant to reply yesterday, but I totally forgot to do this. It’d be best to file a ticket, so I won’t forget to debug what exactly is going on there. Generally the REPL to use is selected based on the type of the underlying source buffer, not on what you used last. Recency is only a factor if you have several REPLs of the same type (e.g. clj) in the same session.


Thanks @bozhidar. I'll file a ticket when I next get the chance.


@bozhidar fyi the docs state "Ambiguous situations could arise when, for instance... ...the current buffer is a cljc buffer and both clj and cljs REPLs exist in the session. In such cases the current REPL is the most recently viewed REPL of the relevant type." Which is consistent with what I've seen. I submitted a GitHub issue asking that *cider-scratch* behaviour be made consistent with that of a cljc buffer in such a situation.