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Hey cider-maniacs. I'm using spacemacs and cider and I'm an emacs ignoramus. I'm wondering if there is a standard technique for refreshing my dependencies after I update my project.clj (or deps.edn) without quitting spacemacs and starting it up again (as I'm currently doing). cider-restart doesn't seem to do it. Thanks in advance for any help.


Cider-quit and then jack in again


You need to dump the process and restart. Killing emacs accomplishes that but is a bit bigger fly swatter than what is required


Just as an FYI - cider-restart restarts only the connection to the nREPL server, not the nREPL server itself.


There’s sesman-restart command which does what you want - C-c C-s r.

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@ch the Emacs setup in BraveClojure is really out of date. Ignore that setup and use the excellent docs at

Carsten Heisterkamp10:10:58

I used the one from the github repo which was updated some month ago. Will check the above docs many thanks!


Any evil users here? If so, have you somehow setup some cider-eval for visual selection?


I use evil + lispyville, and lispy-eval works out of the box with visual selection


which I have bound to S-RET


but you could always define your own:

(evil-define-key 'visual clojure-mode-map ... 'cider-eval-region)


The visual selection actually works out of the box with C-c C-v r, but I didn't switch the namespace so I thought it wasn't. My bad.


When running cider-jack-in and choosing clojure-cli (deps) 1. is it necessary to specifyi nrepl and any other dependcies for this to work? The docs suggest no. 2. how would one specify any devevelopment dependices? is it jusing an alias like :dev ? does cider know to look for specific keyworks or do i have to specify them when running cider jack in.


I believe with Cider 0.23 onwards it should prompt you for aliases to run. Otherwise you can create a dir-local.el file, for example


Use a prefix to manually edit the startup string


Thanks a ton. I think i sorted it out with your help 🙂

cider 1

I’ll look up a var you can use in a second

dpsutton18:10:17 check out cider-clojure-cli-global-options there's an example of what you want right there


and to answer your first question, no its not necessary. if you check the *Messages* buffer it will show you the exact command used and you'll see all of the necessary deps injected automatically


i've been wanting to make a ticket to show the startup command and cljs repl incovation in the repl alongside the startup banner to show that CIDER does no magic at all and just starts nrepl for you


so its easy to start it on a command line if desired


Cross injection of ideas: vim dispatch has a x11 command which will start a terminal which is detached from the current process.


Might be a nice way to support closing emacs and opening it again


There's a Windows one too