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@bozhidar Thanks for that tip! I have a technical issue with cider-selector's keybinding. I'm using the latest prelude/cider but C-c M-s says "C-c M-s is undefined". When I call cider-selector I get the prompt asking me to choose, so the functionality seems to be there. Is it expected that I connect that keybinding, or something else may be the problem? Arch Linux, it's latest emacs, updated prelude/cider...


@blueberry It’s bound only in clojure-mode. I’m assuming you tried to call it from some buffer where clojure-mode wasn’t active.


I guess I’ll have to add a note about this.


@bozhidar I called it from a .clj buffer. Now I restarted the REPL, and it is active. Thanks! Solved (but better add that note to the doc)


Hmm, that’s pretty weird.