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I don't know whether this channel makes the most sense or not. I just got an excuse to dive into a lot of new libraries/frameworks after just dabbling in clojure for 2-3 years. Fulcro led me to mount. Swagger led me back to Immutant (which I've really enjoyed using) and reitit. I'm not sure how obscure this stack really is. Maybe it would be "mainstream" (for clojure) if I switched from Immutant to Jetty (I'll probably try that for grins after I post this, just to see). When I manually run (stop), recompile my http-server ns, and then run (start), everything works the way I expect.


When I just C-c C-k to compile the ns, (stop) does not get called. So compilation fails because the port is already bound.


I don't know whether this is something from CIDER or mount (or, for that matter, Immutant...I haven't dug as deep as I should have). But I'm in a "do you have any ideas?" position, and this seemed like a good place to ask. Thank you so much!


I think this is mount, ish


It's just the behaviour of mount


I'll ask in there. Thank you