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I was updating my emacs and spacemacs, and now the installation is broken. I have installed my emacs using brew cask install emacs, and cloned the latest master of spacemacs. On emacs startup I get the following error when spacemacs tries to install cider -

--> installing package: [email protected] [6/59]
Package queue is unavailable. Is the package name misspelled?

Package spinner is unavailable. Is the package name misspelled?

An error occurred while installing cider (error: (error Package 'queue-0.2' is unavailable))
Any help will be appreciated.


don't know the details but seems to be solved here


@dpsutton thanks. It says the issue was solved in a prev version of spacemacs, however am still facing it. Seems to be with the htttps url for the package repo.


looks like you can (setq spacemacs-insecure t) and it should work?


thanks @dpsutton that worked !


sounds like its cert issues with gnu and it should be ironed out in time


this also does the same thing - dotspacemacs-elpa-https nil


Can I tell cider to always find a repl to use by repl type instead of find the repl from some relationship?just like the old behavior cider was.


that's a limitation of sesman right now. it doesn't know anything about its connections (i believe)


that's really annoying


I mean, is there some function I can tweak


If there's a function which is used by cider to find the repl, I can just write it by my own. but cider is kind of complex thing, I hope someone may give a suggestion on which function I should overwrite