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I am using spacemacs, I am not able to navigate clojure.core.spec symbols to their definitions. Is there a way to enable that ?


Are you running a Clojure REPL? Do you have example code you can share? If you believe it's a Spacemacs specific issues there is also a #spacemacs channel where you can get help


@UMA62JW4W if you want to "jump" to the place where the spec (identified by a namespaced keyword) is defined, you can try cider-find-keyword. It doesn't work on of our projects for some reason, but it works pretty well for others

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@U06BE1L6T : sounds like you have an old nrepl dependency in that project.


@U0ETXRFEW hmmm. I have nrepl 0.6.0. It actually seems to not work only if I try to "find keyword" inside the file which comes from the project's dependencies. We have project app depending on app-core. When I try to cider-find-keyword in scope of app it works but as soon as I jump to some buffer from app-core (installed as a local dependency in .m2 repositories) and invoke cider-find-keyword then cider complains "Can't find namespace 'xyz'".


I think there was a question about that the other day. Was that you, maybe? Otherwise maybe you'll get some pointers just scrolling up some in the channel.


Hmm, I didn't find anything related in the accessible channel's history.


Of course, I need to eval that buffer, otherwise it won't work but that's not enough in this case.


OK, I recall incorrectly then.