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I'm wondering what's the status of JDK 9+ / 11 support. I finally got tools.namespace/refresh working (well almost) in my project but it doesn't play well with cider: In particular, cider seems to add JDK's to the classloader's classpath and this doesn't work with Also, I can't display javadocs and jump to JDK's source when running on JDK 9 or 11 while I can do the same with JDK 8


@jumar Are you problems with the stable or the snapshot version? The snapshot version has many fixes for Java 9+ and ditched the use of in favor of Orchard’s implementation of this.


As you can see we also dropped the internal use of tools.namespace in Orchard (although CIDER uses for ns refreshes).


@bozhidar I'm using the recent cider version:

;; CIDER 0.22.0snapshot (package: 20190808.1659), nREPL 0.6.0
;; Clojure 1.10.1, Java 11.0.2


Mac OS X if that matters


I’ll have to revisit what exactly did we fix there. It’d be nice if you filed a couple of tickets for your particular issues, so we won’t forget to investigate those.


@bozhidar I created these two guys: - - I merged the "broken javadoc" and "broken jump to the JDK class source" issues to the single 2687 since they seem to be pretty much the same thing - let me know if I should split them, though.


I updated the second issue - it must be something in my profiles.clj that's causing that. When I remove profiles.clj it seems to work. Not sure about "jump to source" yet - will file separate issue after more testing


Thanks, will do it in the evening (in a couple of hours)


just noticed this by magnars himself!!

cider 4

disclaimer: have not tried yet


I'm still getting that same error