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if you're using leiningen this is exactly the purpose of a dev.cljs file. I've seen a few people mention they hate this and they much prefer just having traditional clojure files. Just add an extra path under an alias. > :extra-paths is used to include source paths in addition to your standard source paths, for example to include directories of test source: so make a dev folder, add it as extra paths and then just make a namespace that requries whatever you want


HI! I was wondering, when i use cider-jack-in by default it split my frame in 2. window This is super-hand


I was wondering if in Emacs there is a way to open my window ( the cider-repl) into a new frame


so I can have basically my REPL session to a second screen and the codebase to a 1st monitor screen


(switch-to-buffer-other-frame (cider-current-repl)) should do it


thx. I was using make-frame


I have also a curiosity question in cider. Why do we have 2 bindings for C-x C-e and C-c C-e?


or also for other cmd.. we have multiples bindings. I have started recently with emacs, so I might miss some historic, fondamental emacs design knowledge


is this a CIDER design decision or it is a common way in lisp apps, and emacs ? just for curiosity.. TIA