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I used to be able to connect a cljs and a clj repl and have them work flawlessly, now I get an error like this user-error: No clj REPLs in current session "Sites/booma:localhost:5056" it will work as soon as I bring the clj repl buffer into focus, but then the cljs repl will give me the same error. sesman info gives me this:

1 Sites/booma:localhost:5056 [*cider-repl %s(cljs)*] linked-to proj(~/Sites/booma/)
2 Sites/booma:localhost:5056#2 [*cider-repl %s(clj)*] linked-to proj(~/Sites/booma/)


so both repls work, but i have to manually open the repl buffer that corresponds to cljs or clj depending on what i’m trying to evaluate


this is my cider version CIDER 0.22.0snapshot (package: 20190607.2013), nREPL 0.6.0


@naomarik When did you start experiencing your problems? There haven’t really been any related updates in CIDER for a while now.


When exactly do you get the errors?


@bozhidar i usually backup my emacs.d directory before updating everything, so it looks like version 0.17.0-snapshot of cider is what i was using before this latest version. The error displays when I use the function cider-switch-to-repl-buffer If the last repl buffer was a clj repl, and I try to use cider-switch-to-repl-buffer from a cljs file, I get this error and evaling anything does not work. As soon as I focus the cljs repl buffer, everything is good for cljs, then doing clj stuff breaks until I focus the clj buffer. I have the two repls running at the same time for backend/frontend shown from the sesman info output.


If you’re connected to a cljs and clj repl at same time in the same project, you’re able to evaluate both of them without having to focus the repl buffer of the type you want?


Ah, so you’ve updated from a pretty old version. I get it.


Well, your session data looks correct assuming you’re trying to evaluate code that is in this booma folder.


didn’t see that, but doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore, does my sesman info look correct? Maybe it’s my setup, I’ll try a new skeleton project later on and see if I get same behavior…


for context i’m launching a boot repl with my boot dev command and using cider-connect on it. Then for the cljs one I’m using (figwheel-sidecar.repl-api/cljs-repl "dash") in one repl to connect to cljs.


I'm starting to experiment with clj/deps.edn and I'm hitting a problem with CIDER where C-c C-k only works in the buffer where I jack in, it doesn't work when I open sibling files to that file (in the same directory) -- for some reason the repl doesn't attach there. Any idea how I debug that?


previously I noticed that behavior with a test directory, but I assumed that was because CIDER wasn't applying the test alias by default, so the file wasn't in the classpath


this file definitely is


(I know because I can (require 'my.ns) in the repl)


when I manually run cider-connect-sibling-clj, the buffer works as expected