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@arohner I guess your problem stems from how CIDER tried to map every connection to some file context (usually the root of a project), so when you’re working with multiple projects it would know where to dispatch the evaluation ops. This doesn’t work well on non-conventional projects currently and some manual work is usually needed



In CIDER friendly sessions are defined by the project dependencies.
So I connect to project A, and project B is a dependency, but buffers containing B’s source files currently say ‘not connected’. Is that intended?

Ian Fernandez18:06:33

guys, how I can debug cider on emacs?

Ian Fernandez18:06:44

these days Cider is very sow with me

Ian Fernandez18:06:15

I'm having this with profiler

Ian Fernandez18:06:47

every time I start cider emacs became very slow

Ian Fernandez18:06:40

it could be this??

(let ((normal-gc-cons-threshold (* 20 1024 1024))
        (init-gc-cons-threshold (* 128 1024 1024)))
    (setq gc-cons-threshold init-gc-cons-threshold)
    (add-hook 'emacs-startup-hook
              (lambda () (setq gc-cons-threshold normal-gc-cons-threshold))))


Doubtful. Here you’re just setting a high GC threshold during Emacs’s startup. That shouldn’t be causing general slowdowns.


As for the profiler you need to expand the data in the reports to see which are the real functions where the time is going into.