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No. The repl is started in a single jvm, with a single command. It's not two separate commands.


Exactly. Basically each ClojureScript REPL starts its life as a Clojure REPL that runs some form to “upgrade” it to ClojureScript.


So that means my Clojurescript REPL must share all the Clojure-only dependencies of my Clojure REPL? I realize that compilation will likely shake them out,


Thats a lot of code weight to read and transitive dependency conflicts to manage.


Figwheel main uses Jetty. So does my server, but they should never have to coexist in a JVM. When they are forced to do so, conflicts happen.


I would put them in different projects then, with separate deps.edn, and jack into them separately.


Yet they share code via cljc files. And specs & docs and some dependencies. And of course they are logically inseparable being a bespoke client and server.


The shared cljc code and it's specs I put in a separate project and include as a library of the codebase is stable, Or use deps.eden to pull in particular versions of the cljc files are under heady development. This way I make a more scalable system with fewer dependencies that's fits better in the cloud too.

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I’ve been doing that for years with common library-like functionality. But for specs and clcj code that is only relevant to the client and server it is artificial.


My work around is to start the clojurescript REPL manually and then connect with CIDER. <sigh> I had high hopes for the cider-jack-in-clj&cljs.


Hi ciderians, I ran into a jack-in failure while using projects which rely on lein-modules and don't specify versions


(the build fails on master too)


when i try to start cider in emacs 26.1 i have this:

cider--check-existing-session: Symbol’s function definition is void: sesman-current-sessions


made a hydra for the lsp refactorings. it requires a PR for the clean-ns refactoring but once that's accepted makes it easy to clean up project nicely. Especially nice as now the refactorings are identical to the ones from neovim using coworkers so no tug-of-war on formatting:

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Can any one give me a hint on how to assign keyboard short cuts for integrant-repl's functions like reset, reset-all etc..