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@chase-lambert make sure you are using the latest version of Leiningen. If not, update Leiningen to version 2.8.3


I suggest always using cider-jack-in rather than cider-connect, as CIDER will manage library versions for you and you do not need to add tool specific libraries to your project or profile settings for all your project that you will have to change each time you update CIDER.


If you really need to use cider-connect for all your projects, then put the following code into ~/.lein/profiles.clj and just remember to check if you need to update the version when ever you update CIDER.

{:repl {:plugins [[cider/cider-nrepl "0.20.0"]]}}


a lot of times when people are debugging cider issues they are told to clear out those global profiles.clj right? So I was thinking you put that dependency call in the actual project's project.clj instead


You can of course put dependencies in a project.clj file, but this does mean that everyone using that project has extra dependencies to download. Putting the dependency is okay for your personal projects I guess. For production code I avoid adding dependencies to the project that are tool specific. This is yet another reason why I always use cider-jack-in rather than cider-connect, so the right dependencies are just added (using an update-in) when the REPL starts. Having had to regularly update the profiles.clj file because of mis-matched versions in CIDER version 0.10 and earlier was a real pain.


good stuff. I saw your other post about using multiple repls within emacs. makes perfect sense


I do have leiningen 2.8.3. Yeah, I almost always use cider-jack-in for that very reason. Some tutorials though have you starting servers and such from the repl but then I seem to lose access to the repl. So I use lein repl to do the server initiation and such and then have to use cider-connect.


or lein figwheel right. You would do that in the terminal and then use cider-connect in that instance too. or am I going about that the wrong way?


I start ClojureScript / figwheel projects from Emacs/Spacemacs using cider-jack-in as well. The latest version of CIDER now use sesman to manage multiple repl sessions. I often have several project running, each with their own REPL and that works just fine. I use layouts in Emacs to keep REPL buffers with their project file buffers. Since then I havent lots a REPL buffer, yet 🙂


Error message "error in process filter: [nREPL] No response handler with id nil found" - what to do?


The answer seems to be "don't throw an exception" 😕