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@macrobartfast i posted the link of the alternative a couple of days ago here


@kwcharllie379 also volunteered to bring this/wrap this up for cider


in CIDER 0.20.0 (package: 20190114.1422) (Oslo) I got a weird exception

ERROR: Unhandled REPL handler exception processing message {:op slurp, :url file:/Users/tatuta/..., :session 3274155d-5da6-4885-810a-b45cce1567eb, :id 164}
	at java.util.regex.Matcher.getTextLength(
	at java.util.regex.Matcher.reset(
	at java.util.regex.Matcher.<init>(
	at java.util.regex.Pattern.matcher(
	at clojure.core$re_matcher.invokeStatic(core.clj:4796)
	at clojure.core$re_find.invokeStatic(core.clj:4838)
	at clojure.core$re_find.invoke(core.clj:4838)
	at cider.nrepl.middleware.slurp$normalize_content_type.invokeStatic(slurp.clj:57)
	at cider.nrepl.middleware.slurp$normalize_content_type.invoke(slurp.clj:52)
	at cider.nrepl.middleware.slurp$slurp_url_to_content_PLUS_body.invokeStatic(slurp.clj:94) 


when a thing I evaluated returned a

Karol Wójcik08:01:30

@benedek it might take some time since I’m also graduating and changing job this month


no pressure and good luck with all those things


@tatut Likely you’ve hit some bug in the content-type middleware. You should file a bug and disable this in the mean time.


(setq cider-repl-use-content-types nil)


It seems to crash if it can’t determine a content-type


I locally patched get-file-content-type to return “application/octet-stream” as a fallback and it works (but I get a binary file output to my repl which is not useful)


@arohner Which version did you upgrade from? Nothing has really changed there recently.


What you describe sounds like some missing Elisp autoloads, that should not be happening if you’re using package.el.


@tatut Well, probably in such cases we should just return the regular printed value, as would be the case in the absence of the middleware.


If you can do this patch yourself that’d be great - if not you can just open a ticket on cider-nrepl and we’ll get to it at some point.


I’ll try after work… I’d like to get into cider/nrepl internals more

Sampo Toiva10:01:55

Hi, I just updated Cider to 0.20.0, and when doing cider-jack-in-clj I get two warnings:

WARNING: CIDER requires nREPL 0.4.4 (or newer) to work properly
WARNING: CIDER requires cider-nrepl to be fully functional. Many things will not work without it!
I have removed all refences to nrepl and cider-nrepl from .lein/profiles.clj, and the cider-jack-in-clj seems to be injecting the dependencies correctly. My messages have these kind of errors:
error in process filter: user-error: ‘nil’ requires the nREPL op "classpath"
Any idea on what's wrong or how could I debug this further?


@sampo.toiva I assume you’re on Lein 2.8.1, right?


You need 2.8.3+ for the new CIDER to work normally.

Sampo Toiva11:01:05

@bozhidar Your assumption was correct. Things are working perfectly now! Thanks a ton for this! I don't know if it's possible to somehow give a proper error message about that, but it's maybe worth considering.


There’s some check about this in cider-nrepl, but I guess that message ended up in the *nrepl-server* buffer.

Sampo Toiva11:01:46

Ah, yeah, didn't occur to me to check that buffer - went through the others.


Yeah, the situation is certainly not ideal. Probably we should just try to get the version of Lein/Boot when when cider-nrepl loads and send it to the clients.


I put a comment here In cider 0.20 I'm still experiencing the problem where the debugger only uses a breakpoint once.


is there a way to clear the cider repl output programmatically?


from within clojure


@chrisblom you might be able to run (cider-repl-clear-buffer) by using clomacs (“Clomacs simplifies calling Clojure code from Emacs lisp and vice versa”)


@erwinrooijakkers thanks, that might work


@benedek thanks for the link for a strategy for hot reloading deps yesterday! tools.deps looks similar to alembic. that's helpful... although I really liked the idea of being able to both add a dep to project.clj and hot reload it via emacs bindings, so hopefully that issue will get worked out (wish I were good enough yet to tackle it!).


tbh i don't think the client code needs to change much. only the refactor-nrepl impl needs to rewritten in cider-nrepl


Hi there, when running 0.20.0, stacktraces no longer print in my repl buffer, and the stacktrace window no longer appears. I’m also seeing `Warning: implicit middleware found: cider-nrepl.plugin/middleware Please declare all middleware in :middleware as implicit loading is deprecated.` which could be related, but I’m not sure where the middleware it’s complaining about is coming from, there’s nothing that stands out in my ~/.lein/profiles or the project.clj


standard question to ask is if you are on lein version 2.8.3. CIDER no longer plays nice with tools.nrepl but needs the newer nrepl/nrepl


$ lein --version
Leiningen 2.8.3 on Java 1.8.0_144 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM


and running [nrepl "0.5.3"] according to lein deps :tree


one thing that just helped out others: putting deps.edn files allows for others to target branches of piggieback, nrepl quite easily. Someone is trying out a patch to piggieback trivially because i pushed a branch with a deps edn file. Just for consideration going forward

Christian Johansen21:01:51

I'm having problems running figwheel-main with deps.edn in CIDER

Christian Johansen21:01:28

when I run cider-jack-in-cljs, the browser pops up, figwheel reports being connected, but the mini buffer just hangs with "Starting server via"

Christian Johansen21:01:48

if I do list-processes I can see the nrepl process running as expected, but I never see a working REPL in emacs

Christian Johansen21:01:02

clojure -A:dev from a shell works just fine


check the nrepl process in emacs. I think i've seen this before. you probably have the repl running there rather than in the proper repl buffer

Christian Johansen21:01:24

Prompt will show when REPL connects to evaluation environment (i.e. a REPL hosting webpage)
Figwheel Main Controls:
          (figwheel.main/stop-builds id ...)  ;; stops Figwheel autobuilder for ids
          (figwheel.main/start-builds id ...) ;; starts autobuilder focused on ids
          (figwheel.main/reset)               ;; stops, cleans, reloads config, and starts autobuilder
          (figwheel.main/build-once id ...)   ;; builds source one time
          (figwheel.main/clean id ...)        ;; deletes compiled cljs target files
          (figwheel.main/status)              ;; displays current state of system
Figwheel REPL Controls:
          (figwheel.repl/conns)               ;; displays the current connections
          (figwheel.repl/focus session-name)  ;; choose which session name to focus on
In the cljs.user ns, controls can be called without ns ie. (conns) instead of (figwheel.repl/conns)
    Docs: (doc function-name-here)
    Exit: :cljs/quit
 Results: Stored in vars *1, *2, *3, *e holds last exception object
Opening URL 
ClojureScript 1.10.439

Christian Johansen21:01:57

but this doesn't really help me. I can't use it for anything. How can I get it to start the regular cider buffer?


no you can't. i'm trying to remember what i did in this case


check your dir locals. it needs to ask you for the cljs repl type. i remember when it doesn't this happens

Christian Johansen21:01:00

it doesn't ask, so maybe that's it


sorry its been a few weeks but i'm trying to remember

Christian Johansen21:01:11

  (cider-clojure-cli-global-options . "-A:dev")))

Christian Johansen21:01:01

hmm, ok. it might be because of this in my deps.edn:

Christian Johansen21:01:03

:main-opts ["-m" "figwheel.main" "-b" "dev" "-r"]


yeah. move that into a build profile and try without that

Christian Johansen21:01:57

it now starts a CIDER REPL, but it crashes with some syntax errors and drops into a clj repl

Christian Johansen21:01:44

2. Caused by clojure.lang.LispReader$ReaderException
   java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid token: :
   #:clojure.error{:line 1, :column 52}
1. Caused by java.lang.RuntimeException
   Invalid token: :

Christian Johansen21:01:59

ok, seems to be an error on my side