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Yeah, that looks about right.


Happy New Year, everyone! May your forms always eval, your CIDER upgrades never fail and your cider-jack-in never explode! Code long and prosper! cider

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The highlights are: * lots of improvements to the new connection management system * some fixes for the changes to the error messages in Clojure 1.10 That’s going to be the final CIDER release that will work with the legacy tools.nrepl, so if you’re a boot or lein user you should definitely upgrade to their latest versions which target the modern nREPL. Cheers!

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Thank you Bozhidar and contributors! May your 2019 contain a lot of happiness and success! 🌈 🎉 cider

Robert A. Randolph17:01:26

Hello, I've been trying to figure out how to make errors behave better. Error buffers seem to appear in various windows, sometimes changing their size... which is really annoying.

Robert A. Randolph17:01:38

Is there a way to force cider to use the current window for errors, or a specific window?


I guess (add-to-list 'same-window-buffer-name cider-error-buffer) should do the trick.


The default behavior comes from Emacs itself - it tries to be smart about the optimal window in which to display a buffer based on your current window arrangement.

Robert A. Randolph17:01:00

@bozhidar are there any other potential solution for taming where the error buffer ends up? My google-fu has failed me

Robert A. Randolph17:01:35

I tried using same-window-buffer and it's still unreliable


Probably there’s a way, but I haven’t looked at this much.


I’ve used Emacs for so long that the default behaviour actually makes sense to me. 😄

Robert A. Randolph17:01:50

Well, currently I'm writing documentation for 2 repos and have 2 repls open...

Robert A. Randolph17:01:03

so I end up with cider errors in all sorts of windows 😞


You can check out the code in cider-popup.el. I guess cider-popup-buffer-display can be changed in a way where it’s more rigid about where the popups appear.

Robert A. Randolph17:01:25

hmm, I will look and report back

Robert A. Randolph17:01:28

it seems that turning off cider-show-error-buffer and using cider-selector works... cider-selector opens cider-error in the current window

Robert A. Randolph17:01:11

it also doesn't affect the window size like popup does


Probably display-buffer-alist is what you looking for.

Robert A. Randolph20:01:31

Ahh, that blog post may be helpful

Robert A. Randolph20:01:39

I'll investigate more tomorrow morning