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I heard a rumor about a breaking change in error messages causing 1.10 not to work well with Cider


Can anyone substantiate this rumor?


Like what? Seems to work fine for me


It is true that 18 has a bug with stack traces. Use the 19 snapshots.


How does one use the 19 snapshots?


> Can cider-doc auto complete from the company or ac-cider completions list at all?


@m131 ac-cider was deprecated a while ago and I’m not even sure it’s working these days. We encourage everyone to use company-mode together with CIDER (or some other completion engine using the standard completion-at-point functionality of Emacs).


@phill You can install CIDER from MELPA (for instance).


I haven’t had time to test 1.10 yet, so I’m not certain about the extent of the breakage or whether the fix that was merged to fix this actually fixed the problem.


Yes, the instructions on apply to 1.10 now and I wanted to try out the deps.edn technique, specifically because it promises we may depend directly on a Git tag, not via Clojars. Indeed, an announcement already appeared on the Clojure Google Group saying "We'll no longer be publishing ... to Clojars". That library was a special case, but I expect it will be the way forward - more flexible and less hackable surface area.


I think that all of this was possible with 1.9 as well.


The problem occurred when rendering a stack trace. So just don't have any errors in your code 😊


I am using cider-find-var to jump to various definitions to see what they are; I then want to jump back to the invocation; is there a binding or function that will do that? I've searched and the various answers I saw require me to set a mark or register before jumping to the definition, but I'd rather just cider-find-var, glance at it, and jump back with one press of a binding. Suggestions?


For me it’s M-. to find & M-, to cider-pop-back


M-. and M-, should be emacs default shortcuts to navigate back and forth in any particular mode that supports that notion. CIDER follows that convention


omg... cider-pop-back...


well, I don't get any search engine use and/or documentation review awards today.


Nah, it’s difficult when you don’t know what to search for


also i like a forum for otherwise easily googleable answers sometimes. it might take you 10 minutes to find it, but if you just ask someone can answer in 2 seconds.


well, I appreciate it! I just managed to rebind M-. from the default evil-mode binding... one last tweak would be nice (a -very- minor one without which I can live with, for sure): when I press M-. (now bound to cider-find-var) with the pointer over a symbol I am prompted in the minibuffer with 'Symbol (default find-title):' and then have to to press Enter... is this your behavior? I'd rather just jump to the definition right away.


using M-. and M-, are sweet, btw!


those bindings had been absconded with by another mode, so I was not aware of them.


re: asking for symbol versus just doing it, check out:

(defun cider-prompt-for-symbol-function (&optional invert)
  "Prompt for symbol if funcall `cider--should-prompt-for-symbol' is truthy.
Otherwise attempt to use the symbol at point for the command, and only
prompt if that throws an error.

INVERT is used to invert the semantics of the function `cider--should-prompt-for-symbol'."
  (if (cider--should-prompt-for-symbol invert)


where would you put that... in your init.el, or the cider source, or somewhere else?


I apparently have cider in both elpa and package in my .emacs.d... not sure which is being loaded, lol.




I should sort that out on my own.


ok, figured it out!


thanks for the help in getting this all sorted out. 😀

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