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Early hours of switching a project over to deps.edn from leiningen, and new to deps tooling in general, so this could be a PEBKAC problem, but I’ve followed the cider-nrepl deps.edn instructions and running the clj command starts the NREPL server but doesn’t provide a follow-up REPL to use. It just hangs/stops after printing the NREPL host/port. Is this expected behaviour? I’m trying to add nrepl/cider so I can connect from Calva in VS Code. No issues running lein repl.


There may not be a terminal prompt after starting. The server is running though. Did connecting work?


You can to pass -i (--interactive) if you want to get a REPL as well. Generally it’s not needed if you simply want to connect to a server.


Hmm I’ll keep that in mind. I forgot that calva starts its own REPL buffer once you connect


Trying to keep everything simple and tool-agnostic


When using figwheel-main in cider, there're so many output from org.eclipse.jetty in the REPL, make it really slow and unusable, is this is a problem of figwheel-main or cider?


I fixed this by disabling org.eclipse.jetty log via logback.xml.


@doglooksgood (setq-default bidi-display-reordering nil) can sometimes prevent emacs performance completely tanking in the case of a lot of line-wrapping output