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How do I specify what alias to use in a deps.edn when firing up a cider repl? For example, I'm trying to use this deps file and the logging deps are not being loading for my env. I think I would need to use the log alias when starting nrepl.


Createa a .dir-locals.el and set cider-clojure-cli-global-options to your options e.g. “-A:log”


Or if you want more control, fire up the nrepl outside emacs, then cider-connect to it. You have to copy the command that cider uses (to get the cider-nrepl dependency).


Great, thanks for the quick tips!


I think there’s yet another way to do this: call cider-jack-in with a prefix arg C-u to get more prompts on the command to use. You can also customize the clojure-cli command options to add your alias. I’ve done this to always add -Adev because all my projects use this alias. If the alias isn’t found there is no error too.