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Thanks to all involved in making Cider an amazing tool for Clojure development. I use Cider every day for work and personal projects and find it it invaluable. I am excited about the changes you are making to Cider and all the work everyone is putting in to make it even better. Thanks for continuing to update the docs so I am aware of any significant changes to the way Cider works. I use Cider via Spacemacs develop which pulls down the latest version of Cider, so I always go and look at before an update to know what I am getting. Nothing has broken for me in the last couple of years and I could easily roll back a package update if it did. Thanks again

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I too use CIDER every day and find it invaluable. Like most people I guess, I've had problems in the past with updates to packages breaking things. Now I keep my entire Emacs config (including my .emacs.d directory) in a Git repo, so I can easily get back to a good state. An added bonus is that this makes it easy to get the same Emacs setup on multiple machines.

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Beware of .elc files but otherwise should work fine