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@benzap Everyone’s supposed to use cider.piggieback indeed. Perhaps you have some outdated dependency that still uses cemerick.piggieback? Figwheel works with both, but it works much better with cider.piggieback. Not to mention cemerick.piggieback doesn’t support nREPL 0.4 at all. Just to be clear - those are the same project - the namespace was changed when Chas handed us over the project, as we couldn’t use his deployment coordinate anymore. It’s regretful this happened before he handed us over nREPL itself and drawbridge as well, otherwise I would have used consistent naming & coordinates for all 3 projects. 🙂


Yeah, i can't seem to figure out what's wrong with my build, i'll continue to diagnose it, and try and figure out what the problem is. I looked over the figwheel source code, and it looks like it should be taking the cider/piggieback dependencies over cemerick/piggieback, so i'm either experiencing a really odd bug, or i'm missing something completely obvious.


@benzap Do you happen to have some bigger stacktrace/whatever we can take a look at?


submitted my first 2 PRs to cider 🎉 happy to take feedback here or on the PRs. especially what to do about tests, as there don’t seem to be any yet for cider-format

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@bozhidar unfortunately not, it isn't error'ing out, just not connecting to my node server, or entering a quasi state


If I can come up with a way to describe how to reproduce it, i'll post it here