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i believe there have been changes to cider recently which causes the repl session to be somewhat 'permanent' -- i can restart cider without killing the REPL now, which is a good thing. however, especially when doing stateful work, it can sometimes be desirable to get the old behavior back, where cider completely kills the JVM and re-starts a new REPL session. i was unable to find this in the docs, is this still possible?


@richiardiandrea clojure-mode doesn’t know about :style/indent at all. Only CIDER knows about it.


There’s an nREPL middleware (named track-state) that constantly relays var metadata to CIDER and that’s used to generate at run-time dynamic indentation rules for clojure-mode.


@lmergen Not sure what you mean. I’m assuming you’re restarting just a connection right now instead of the entire connection session.


@bozhidar yes i used to call cider-restart which would restart the entire repl session, now it seems to be just reconnecting


ah right, sesman-restart looks like what i need?


Ah, I see what you mean. I’m actually not certain if now we have a command that will actually restart the server as well.


sesman-restart will reconnect all REPLs in the session to the running nREPL server. It’s best to file a ticket for this as I’m pretty busy now and that’s something worth discussing more.


will do, thanks!


Before the new session manager I had written the code in a way that it checked if a connection was the result of a jack-in or connect. If was the result of a jack-in the server was restarted as well. Not sure how the logic about this looks right now.


workaround is to quit and do a new jack-in


but it would be nice to have the 'old' cider-restart behavior back, it's rarely that i care about the connection, and more about the actual server being restarted 🙂