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@drewverlee I would open a cider issue and continue from there, cannot think of an immediate reason for that off the top of my head


@drewverlee Just looking at the error - it seems you on the nREPL 0.4, but figwheel-sidecar doesn’t know about it. Updating this should be trivial, but someone (e.g. @bhauman should do it).


P.S. There’s also figwheel-main these days, which I believe will replace lein-figwheel completely soon, so it should be updated as well.

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It also seems I made an epic typo in piggieback 0.3.7 - in the namespace check I used clojure.tool.nrepl instead of the correct I’ll issue 0.3.8 in a moment.


@bozhidar fantastic podcast on defn


@manuel Thanks! :man-bowing:


Hi all, just a little stuck on a config question. Is it easily possible to get coloured output in a Cider repl? Currently if I pprint a complex map it’s all in a yellow face (except some ns stuff). But if I manually enter a map at the repl it’s returned value is coloured correctly. Much thanks!


Pretty-printed output is treated as any other other output, therefore the lack of any special syntax-highlighting.


Btw, how exactly are you doing the pretty printing?


via (clojure.pprint/pprint something)


@bozhidar @drewverlee I don't think this is figwheel-sidecar, We'd have to see the rest of the stacktrace but it looks like this is piggieback

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@bhauman Yeah, yeah - this was the result of the typo I mentioned. I had written (find-ns 'clojure.tool.nrepl) intead of (find-ns '


0.3.8 should work again with tools.nrepl.

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Btw, I just cut nREPL 0.4.4 and it has some sweet support for clj baked in - you can now launch nREPL with whatever custom handler you need without resorting to 3rd party tools (details here -


In a nutshell - starting a ClojureScript REPL is now as simple as:


clj -R:nrepl -m nrepl.cmdline --middleware "[cider.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl]"


And can be made even simpler with extra aliases.

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That's awesome, I guess I should look at porting that 🙂


@dominic You started all of this a while ago with your work in cider-nrepl. 🙂


I plan to tweak the cmdline functionality in nREPL a bit more in the upcoming releases, but the foundation is here. Btw, now it also outputs exactly the same message as lein repl and boot repl, so clients parsing the output to find the port should work without any changes.


Ops, I meant to write @dominicm 🙂

Drew Verlee15:07:46

@bozhidar thanks for your work on this! sadly i upgraded to piggieback 3.8 and i still get the same error. im sketching out a github issue and ill post it to cider-nrepl... though im not sure which lib needs to change 🙂 here is the issue. thanks again


@drewverlee And I guess that works with 0.3.6, right?


My best guess is that lein figwheel android is not loading nREPL the same way lein repl does. @bhauman can enlighten us here.


I’m puzzled why the cider-nrepl middleware is having problems, though. Which version are you using?

Drew Verlee17:07:00

it seems it might have been due to a mismtach between the version of cider-nrepl installed on emacs and that i was injecting into the project. i downgraded to cider nrepl 18 and everything worked!

Drew Verlee17:07:55

i really appreciate your time on this. im going to donate some money to the cause as the world needs you and emacs and cider!

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downgraded to 18 is a funny sounding phrase


holy cow I just M-.'d from a clojure buffer right into my hugsql raw sql file to a query definition - when did that happen? ❤️ the ever increasing awesome

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